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Wednesday, 26 October 2016
Varieties Of Our Coffee

The plantation hosts the following varieties:


Catuaí: This is a mix between the varieties of Caturra and the New World of Sao Paolo, Brazil. It is a variety of low spurs and abundant produce. The main spur is thick with abundant lateral branches, which proliferate with secondary branches resulting in a high productivity. The new leaves are of light green color. It is a vigorous and compact bush. It tends to have a larger diameter (width) than the Caturra. The fruit does not come away easy from the branches. Have a good cup of coffee.


Caturra: This variety is a mutation of Bourbon from the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil. It is a low growing plant (8 to 10 inches) thick stem and little inflexible ramifications. It has short internodes on (entrenudos) in its branches and shoots, which result in bountiful productivity. The leaves are large, the edges wavy, wide, rounded, robust and of dark green tint. The new leaves are of light green shading. It is a bush with a generally compact and vigorous aspect. The lateral branches form a closed angle with the stem. Its root system is well developed and allows for adapting to various conditions. Enjoy an excellent cup of coffee.

Gehisa: Until today, known worldwide as one of the most exclusive varieties of coffee is the  Gehisa.  At present it is cultivated only in high elevations in the province of Chiriquí, Panama. It is a variety of “Arabica” which originated in Ethiopia and apparently was imported some time ago from Costa Rica. This coffee is categorized as one of the most exotic and expensive type. It is described with interminable praises. In fact it was even  given the name “Champagne of the Coffees”. Among others  virtues, the flavor found in this coffee reminds of a touch of mandarin, essence of nuts, bergamot oil, ginger, mulberry, ripe mango and a hint of cinnamon and all kinds of flowers. It is very appreciated by coffee roasters in Europe, North America and Japan.



Bourbón: Here we have a variety of Arabic coffee. It owes his name to its geographic origin. It seems that the first cultivation was found in the island of Bourbón, (now the Island of Reunión). Afterwards cultivations arose in Latin America and Africa. Today El Salvador is one of the countries that stand out in the production of this variety. The Bourbon coffee grows best at elevations above 1000 meters. Its feature is a touch of a taste of chocolate and almonds with a tendency to medium or high acidity. The taste is increasingly more pronounced the more elevated its cultivation.